Back in the saddle (or at least the machine)!

After more than a month of various medical problems and several trips to hospital I’m finally back at my sewing machine. I’ve taken a week off work to have a break and to chill out for a few days doing some snoozing, sewing and reading.

I’m way overdue on finishing a housewarming gift for a young colleague, so I hope to complete it this week. She asked for some table runners and placemats and came over to do a fabric pull. She wanted to keep it simple with minimal piecing, so the fronts are whole cloth and I did a little improv piecing on the backs.

There will be six mats and two runners. There are two sets of three mats with the same fronts and slightly differently piecing on the backs.
iAlanas placemat



I’ve completed one and I’m ready to hand stitch the binding on the other two.

Back green mat

I did uneven matchstick quilting and didn’t quilt the insert piece on the back to make it slightly more of a feature.

Quilting on mat

These two ready for hand stitching tonight. My mitred corners are a little wonky but I hope the recipient won’t mind.

Backs of green mats

The front fabric is a Kate Spain from several years ago and the inserts on the back are a newish Alison Glass. The binding is Sunflower by Kona.

I hope to finish all the mats by the end of the week.

Of ourse Cosmo decided he had to do some quality control as I was doing the quilting!






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