A SweetFest for sweet tooths

SweetfestIt’s Good Food Month here in Sydney and on Saturday I decided to indulge myself by going out for a day of cooking demonstrations and sweet treats.

imageThere were many stalls selling incredibly tempting sweet treats, but I managed to restrain myself to just one cloud cake to bring home.

imageI also got to meet one of my baking heroes, Dan Lepard an Australian-born baker who now lives, bakes and teaches in London.

Dan LepardI turned into a bit of a groupie for the day and took in my copy of his baking bible,  Short and Sweet, and got him to sign it.

It’s a fantastic book if you are interested in baking. It has easy to follow recipes, plus some science to help you understand why things work (or why not) with a bit of old-fashioned wisdom as well.

Short and Sweet


If you like baking bread he also has several great books on handmade bread.

Handmade BreadThe Handmade Loaf

Hmm … I feel the urge for a sweet treat coming on!


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