A small finish

I’m slowly working through my housewarming gift for my colleague which I blogged about recently.

I have now finished the first table runner and five of the six placemats. Just as I was about to finish the 6th I ran out of the fabric for the binding – don’t you hate it when that happens! As they are a set I needed to use the same colour. None of my local shops sell it so I had to order in from overseas.

Table runner 1 imageThe front fabric is Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner. I did freestyle irregular wavy quilting quite densely so that it will lay flat on the table.

Table runner at Alana'sHere it is in-situ on my colleague’s table and four of the placemats are also being put to good use.Table mats at Alanas 2


4 thoughts on “A small finish

  1. These are so beautiful. I love the quilting pattern you created, works so nicely with the aesthetics of the fabric. Table runners and placemats seem like the perfect projects for quilting! And yes I do hate running out of fabric, I guess it happens to all of us.

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