The Kittens: a new project

While I am waiting for the fabric to arrive from the States so that I can finish the placemats and table runners I’ve decided to start on a new project.  It’s no secret (!!!) that I’m a cat lover and when I saw Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern  (see her photo of her version below) for a kitten quilt I knew it had to be on my to-do list.

Kittens quiltI’ve decided to do it as variations of orange, grey and white, and black and white kitties in homage to my dear departed Rufus (a ginger cat) and my beloved “boys” Cosmo (grey) and Pepe (black and white).

RufusCosmoPepe on pilow






I’m not a big fan of doing blocks as I always seem to have a struggle with accuracy, I joke that’s why I like improv quilts, however I’m going to do my best for this one.  I’m thinking of doing more of an alternate grid layout with more negative space, but that may change as I go along.  I might even add some embroidered whiskers if the blocks turn out well! 🙂

However my first stumbling block was last night when I realised (duh) that I had to choose the backing fabric before I could begin piecing the kitty faces!  I have a large stash of solids, but when I started looking for something suitable I discovered that most of them are fat-quarters, 1/2 yards or at most one yard pieces – so not enough.  I’m also having trouble deciding on the colour – my initial thought was a light grey, but I’m not sure how that will go with grey kitten faces as I think they may just merge into the background.  So I’ve lugged in a bag of fabric to work today and I’m going to test out some piles of fabric in the daylight. I might even go really bold for the background … more soon!


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