Design Inspiration: 5

Hand towel for quilt ideaI’ve been reading some posts lately about quilters seeing ideas for quilts all around them and I’m no exception.

I was out shopping for Christmas gifts last night (trying to avoid a last-minute rush) and I saw this hand towel.  Well of course it came home with me – there is a future quilt idea in there with slightly different colours.

It reminded me of this quilt by Tara Faughnan which is a free pattern on the Michael Miller fabrics website.  It is another quilt on my to-do list which seems to be growing every day.

Michael Miller fabrics are my favourite solids because of their colours and soft drape.  They would be perfect for these ideas.

The humble tissue box has also got my quilty ideas flowing – I’ve never done an equilateral triangle quilt but I would love to do one in these colours.

Triangle tissues 2

I particularly like the colour combo on the end of the box.

Triangle tissues

I hope you find some design inspiration in your day!


3 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: 5

  1. These are great sources of inspiration, and yes, I think we see them everywhere. Sometimes it’s in the geometric designs. Sometimes it’s in the color combinations. Sometimes it’s in triggering a memory of something else altogether. Thanks for sharing.

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