Practice makes perfect … almost

I decided to start stitching something new last night and to also learn something. It was time to put my 12″ drunkard’s path template to use with my stash of recently acquired Alison Glass fat-quarters.

I dug out the CurveMaster foot that I bought last year and got to work. This was the first attempt … not good!



The second attempt wasn’t much better. I unpicked them and tried again, without much improvement.


After a failed third attempt this morning I decided to ditch the CurveMaster foot and just try with my usual 1/4″ foot.  Much more successful, I think the issue with the special foot was that I wasn’t getting an accurate seam which, on a curve, was just enough to make it all go wrinkled and wonky.

So … this morning I unpicked the first three attempts and did them again.  Even though they had stretcehed a bit I managed to get them almost matching. YEAH.


I used the no pin method which, if you go slow, seems to work quite well. Leanne from SheCanSew blog has a good very short video of the method.

I’m loving the colours!


Some creative play

My favourite bookshop had a sale on Boxing Day so I went into the city for a browse around.

I found this game and I thought it might be a fun way to try out quilt design ideas without drawing. It has 64 pieces and while the idea of the game is to match colours and shapes you can just lay out the tiles anyway you want.


I tried it out this morning randomly placing tiles as I picked them up, without trying to design anything, but I can see it will have definite quick and easy design possibilities.


Hours of creative fun await!

It’s time to be merry

It’s the night before Christmas and all the stitching is done, the gifts are wrapped and it’s time to sit back and relax with a glass of wine.

These are the last stitched gifts. A small wonky potholder with Christmas cheer for my brother.


I gave one of these to friends last year and they loved it for using on the handle of their coffee pot which brews on the stove. They have used it so much they needed a new one so this time I customised it!


Plus a last minute table runner to go with the tablecloth and napkins. I thought a little cool green would go well with the red and white. Lastly another potholder for my music loving friend and his new blue kitchen.



Wishing you and your loved ones all that is merry over the holiday season.



Last gift stitched!

My fiends who recently renovated their house also had a large table custom made for family gatherings. It will be their first Christmas using the table and they needed a large table cloth so I set off yesterday to buy some fabric to make one.


On my way into the store I saw this one, just the right size and Chritsmassy, but not too over the top.  Even better it was on sale and cost much less than the fabric would have. So instead of making the cloth I ending up finding some matching (almost) fabric and made eight napkins instead. I think they look good!


That’s the last bit of gift stitching done.  A couple of more gifts to show you but they will have to wait til I give them.

Tomorrow I can start to play with some projects for myself.

Gifting reading!

I can’t help it – because I love reading I also love giving books as gifts. Christmas is no exception. Here is a small selection of some that are wrapped and ready to be placed under Christmas trees.

  • The Liberty Colouring book is for a quilter, lover of Liberty fabrics and also a doodler!
  • Six Square Metres is a delightful memoir of making the most of life and a tiny garden in Melbourne. It’s for a gardening friend who has a small garden.
  • The two music books are for a friend who’s a part time musician, and a very long term Elvis Costello fan.
  • The activity books are for my young friends Lucy and Ryan (the pillowcase recipients) in hope that they will also read as well as use screens over the holidays!

I have high hopes for hours of relaxed reading over the holidays.