A Christmas gift and a new skill

imageI have two young friends, Lucy and Ryan, who I always try and make a gift as part of their Christmas stash.  The first quilt I made several years ago was for Ryan’s 6th birthday, quickly followed by one for Lucy’s 8th birthday, so they have both been a key part of my recent creative endeavours.

This year I decided on some colourful pillow cases.  Their mum and dad did a big house renovation this year and I’ve already made them some cushions for their bench seating.

For something that looks simple and that we see every day, I discovered that making a pillow case, the way I wanted, was quite involved.  I wanted the front to have some contrasting trim and for the case to have a flap to tuck the pillow under so that it doesn’t come out.

I found some tutes on Pinterest, but I’m a bit hopeless at learning something by looking at static images, so I then tried youtube which has numerous videos.  None of them were exactly what I wanted so I improvised and combined several techniques.

For the front panel I used this video from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I then searched through all my pillowcases at home and deconstructed one to work out how to make the back that I wanted.  By combining the two methods I came up with this!

Top of Lucy pillowcase




I love the result and  that I now have a new skill.  Lucy is a cat lover and has been to Japan – hence my choice of fabric.

Bottom of Lucy pillowcase


Some details:

  • Michale Miller Ta Dots in Bubble Gum
  • The back is a Michael Miller solid in Mint
  • The main front fabric is “a-chan border” by Alexander Henry
  • Orange trim is a Kona cotton


Of course Pepe had to help out with the fabric selection, especially as the feature fabric had black cats on it.


I hope you are having fun with some holiday stitching.


7 thoughts on “A Christmas gift and a new skill

  1. What a great idea. I make covers for throw pillows/cushions with a flap, which goes to the back and hopefully is invisible. But putting the flap on the front decoratively is inspired! Thanks.

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