Simplify: 5

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I’ve been trying to declutter and simplify my life this year.  As the end of the year is rapidly approaching some more action is needed.

The process has been getting easier as I go along, particularly for sending books to a new home.  I am more sentimental about books than anything else I own as they all carry memories of time, places, people or stages in my life.

I am however, getting more “brutal” in gifting books which no longer have a particular interest, or that I haven’t used or opened in the last 5 years, regardless of how expensive they were to begin with.  Bettter that a book goes to a good home than sitting neglected on my shelves.


This is the latest pile to be given away.  I’m hoping that someone will receive and love them over the Christmas period.

My bookshelves are starting to look under control, although I still have over 1,000 books around my apartment.

I’ve also bought books as gifts for Christmas – more on that later in the week.

More decluttering will be happening next week after I finish work for the year. Next time it will be a second round of clothes and kitchen cupboards.  I haven’t been brave enough to approach the garage yet, but I have high hopes before the year’s end.  It feels good!



7 thoughts on “Simplify: 5

  1. I have a problem getting rid of my books, I can always find an excuse to keep them so I might try your 5 year idea, because I’m sure there are some that I haven’t looked at in 5 years. I try and declutter regularly but I leave the garage to the hubster 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting about your simplifying process. I wanted to let you know: your first post in this series inspired me so much that I started sorting my books too. I put some on eBay, and some went to charity. The ones that don’t sell on eBay this week, I’ll add to the charity collection as well.

    Then I went to my clothes, and did the ‘joy’ test. Those that failed, went to charity as well.

    It was very hard to start, but now I’m on the way it’s easier. It feels good. I’ve gone from thinking I need to invest in more ways to store things, to realising I need to REDUCE what I’m storing.

    So thank you.

    • You are welcome! 🙂 It becomes easier as you go along doesn’t it? I’m now looking forward to doing some more over the work break and then having a more streamlined life next year. Plus it’s good to know that other people might benefit from the clothes and the book! Hope you have a great Christmas and thanks for the feedback.

  3. I feel the same way, just too much stuff. Books are very hard to part with but I agree, if they can go to a new home and be enjoyed, well thats rather perfect!

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