Gifting reading!

I can’t help it – because I love reading I also love giving books as gifts. Christmas is no exception. Here is a small selection of some that are wrapped and ready to be placed under Christmas trees.

  • The Liberty Colouring book is for a quilter, lover of Liberty fabrics and also a doodler!
  • Six Square Metres is a delightful memoir of making the most of life and a tiny garden in Melbourne. It’s for a gardening friend who has a small garden.
  • The two music books are for a friend who’s a part time musician, and a very long term Elvis Costello fan.
  • The activity books are for my young friends Lucy and Ryan (the pillowcase recipients) in hope that they will also read as well as use screens over the holidays!

I have high hopes for hours of relaxed reading over the holidays.


5 thoughts on “Gifting reading!

  1. Great selections Lois. I looked covetously at the Elvis Costello the other day, but my Christmas list is The Lost Chord (Geraldine Brooks), The Taming of the Queen (Philippa Gregory) and The Lost Tudor Princess (Alison Weir) – I think (hope) they are being bought right now. Happy Christmas and New Year. Jill

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