Practice makes perfect … almost

I decided to start stitching something new last night and to also learn something. It was time to put my 12″ drunkard’s path template to use with my stash of recently acquired Alison Glass fat-quarters.

I dug out the CurveMaster foot that I bought last year and got to work. This was the first attempt … not good!



The second attempt wasn’t much better. I unpicked them and tried again, without much improvement.


After a failed third attempt this morning I decided to ditch the CurveMaster foot and just try with my usual 1/4″ foot.  Much more successful, I think the issue with the special foot was that I wasn’t getting an accurate seam which, on a curve, was just enough to make it all go wrinkled and wonky.

So … this morning I unpicked the first three attempts and did them again.  Even though they had stretcehed a bit I managed to get them almost matching. YEAH.


I used the no pin method which, if you go slow, seems to work quite well. Leanne from SheCanSew blog has a good very short video of the method.

I’m loving the colours!


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