WIP Stars update

Hope you are having a great start to the year.

I tried a rough layout of my stars quilt over the Christmas break and discovered that I already have too many stars and that some just don’t play well with others!  I originally started with a specific design design in mind which used quite large diamond templates (1.3/4″), however I changed my design idea along the way which now means that I have to make a large quilt in order to achieve the organic look that I want.


It was difficult to get a decent photo because of the size of the layout. This is taken in the foyer of my apartment building with the layout on the floor.

I’ve now sorted the stars into colourways and have decided that I will applique them to the background fabric so that I can achieve the free flowing design that I want.

I’m now concentrating on adding a few in specific colours, such as the pink/orange ones below.  I also need a couple more blues.  I will not use about 10-15 of the stars that I have already made as they just don’t flow with the idea I have in mind. Some are really pretty but they just don’t feel right in the layout.

Now I am focusing on finding the right background fabric so that I can start to make a grid of the layout ideas. I’m currently thinking of a charcoal grey background, perhaps tone on tone, but I’m not committed as yet. Any ideas are welcome!

I had a new layout thought today which I am keen to try. More soon …


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