Back to the design wall

I’ve started work again on the large Drunkard’s Path blocks.  I’ve played around a bit with design ideas and I’m still not sure of the end design.  I’m using really large blocks, each quarter circle ends up as a 12 block so the end size will probably be a 72″ square quilt.


At this stage I’m just cutting up some of the fabric and playing with layout ideas before I stitch the blocks in case I change my mind!


It will be big and bold, showcasing Alison Glass’s beautiful fabrics, whatever I end up with as the design.

My design assistant Cosmo was taking his job very seriously!




5 thoughts on “Back to the design wall

  1. Nice fabrics in the Drunkard’s blocks. Your assistant looks far more engaged in his work than mine usually do. They tend to sleep on the job. Guess I don’t pay enough but you would think room and board should be adequate.

    • Thanks Anne yes he loves to get very involved I have trouble keeping that fluffy tail out of the way :). Not sure where I’m going with the blocks, it’s a learning as well as a piecing curve!

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