Slow piecing and stitching

Stitching and piecing has been slow lately, partly because the I have been busy with the other “pieces” of my life, partly because of really hot and humid weather and a lack of energy, and partly because I’m dithering about the design for the drunkard’s path project.

I did however make another set of pillowcases as a belated birthday gift for my flatmate.  He is into computers and screen based activities so I thought this Zen Chic Reel Time fabric was appropriate.


I have fine tuned how I make these now and once the fabric selection has been made they come together quite quickly.  I see a future in personalised pillowcases!!

I’ve also been selecting and buying a few additional fabrics for the class I’m taking in April at the Australian Quilt Convention down in Melbourne.  I’m doing a 2 day workshop with Jenny Bowker and learning how to make a Shimmering Triangles quilt.  I have about 20 different fabrics now so I hope that some of them work.


This will be my only quilt/textile/sewing related trip this year and I’m currently feeling deeply envious of all those lucky people who are posting photos from Quiltcon.  I had a great time last year and hope to make it again next year!