Slow stitching

I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing lately after reaching a bit of a hiatus in my Drunkard’s Path quilt.  I have however, been doing some simple sewing by stitching improv solid scrap stripes which will one day become a quilt.

imageI sorted all my solid scraps into colours and then just started making stripes the lengths of the scraps.  It’s a nice, almost mindless activity which I can do when I’m tired and not feeling very creative.  I hope it will be transformed into a bright and cheerful quilt one day.




I’m also doing a small embroidery project. I  found this linen piece when I did a recent tidy up, I think it came as a gift with a magazine, and have been doing a little when I’m in the mood for handwork.


I’ve discovered I’m fairly hopeless at consistent stitches and have no real idea of which stitch to use for what, but I’m enjoying it nevertheless. image


“The boys” like me doing it because I sit still and they can have a lap if they want, but Cosmo prefers close supervision from nearby! 🙂



Going round in circles

I think I have finally resolved the design of my Drunkard’s Path quilt using Alison Glass fabrics which I bought when she had a moving studio sale.  I love the fabrics, but as most of them were fat quarters of large prints and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I decided to teach myself how to make Drunkard’s Path blocks using a large (12″) template that I bought at the Quilt Show last year.

Whilst I loved how each block looked individually I have been struggling with how to combine them into a quilt. I tiled various layouts and wasn’t happy with any of them (including the one below), party because of the colour combinations and partly because I don’t like overly symmetrical quilts – I like some sense of improv or whimsy.


It’s still a work in progress and I’m not entirely sure of how it will look in the end but I’m learning a lot and having fun testing out ideas. I’ve now used up all of the large print floral Alison Glass fabric so I working out a way to integrate other pieces into the overall design so that I can end up with with a top about 60″ x 72″.



I made these 6″ minis (at least in comparison to the 12″ blocks) on the week-end.  I love the colour comobos of these 🙂

Hope you are enjoying some design or sewing fun too.