Bookshelf additions

Even though I have been trying to budget recently I have still managed to add some books to my book shelf.

Christmas and a recent birthday helped with additions to my book “stash”.

Sonia Delaunay

Sonia  Delaunay  by Anne Montfort and Cecile Godefroy was a Christmas gift to myself (often the best kind!). It is full of beautiful photos of her work and I have it beside my bed to dip into when I need a hit of colour and inspiration. A review of this book by The Guardian newspaper described her as “…the woman who made colour dance...) which is certainly true.

Russian born Sonia is regarded by many as one of the most important female artists of the early twentieth century.  She painted, designed fabrics and clothing, and ran shops as well as a textile design company.  Some claim that her first purely abstract work was a sewn patchwork quilt, designed as a cradle cover, whose wonky rectangles and triangles of clear colour recall both cubism and Russian folk art.  Needless to say perfect inspiration for quilters!

VeraVera: The Art and Life of an Icon, by Susan Seid, tells the inspiring story of Vera Neumann an American artist and textile entrepreneur through the art and designs she created.   I must of been one of the few people who had never heard of Vera (perhaps because of my being an Australian?)  until I read a blog post by Sarah Campbell of Sarah Campbell Designs . I investigated further and found that the internet was filled with images of her stunning scarves. I decided to request this one as a birthday gift.  The book is beautifully illustrated with Vera’s original sketches, paintings, and photographs of her worldwide travels,  which all made me decidedly envious of such a creative and well lived life.

The White Road by Edmund de Wall is a book I’ve just started reading after buying it at Easter. I’m always keen on travel books with a twist, such as The Coat so this seemed right up my alley!

The White Road


Edmund de Waal is a potter, a successful ceramicist who has worked with porcelain for 25 years who has previously published the highly regarded The Hare with Amber Eyes.  In this book he documents his plan and and subsequent travels  to go to three places where porcelain was invented, or reinvented, three white hills in China and Germany and England. It’s  a combination of a personal quest, a dash of biography and history and a travelogue.  I’m only on page 35 but the writing is superb – elegant and eloquent – perfect for autumn evenings.




I have also been very remiss on not updating my online Bookshelf pages lately, however if you pop over to it now you will see some info on recent additions which are a nice mixture of patterns, designs, skills and inspiration.  I’m pleased to say that I have actually made something from all the  design books.

  • Clothbound, Julie Paterson
  • Improvising Tradition, Alexandra Ledgerwood,
  • The Improv Handbook for Quilters, Sherri Lynn Wood
  • Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles and More, Kelly Ashton

Happy reading and creating everyone … the world needs more peaceful and creative times.


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