This is some quilt!

StevieThis my friends is one helluva quilt!  I had the pleasure of seeing it recently at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne.  The quilt is a depiction of a salt-water crocodile whose nickname is Stevie as a homage to the late Steve Irwin , but the quilt’s name is Crocodylus Smylus. It is and it is 21 feet 6 inches  x 70 inches.

It is the work of American quilter Susan Carlson and you can read more about her two year process of making Stevie on her website.  Stevie greets you on the front page of the site, with her red toe nails and red spine, not to mention those teeth, she is certainly an eye catching creature.  image

Susan’s photos are much better than mine, so go take a look. The time-lapse video of her progress is wonderful. I have no idea of how many pieces of fabric are in the quilt, but it would be thousands. The close-up picture below gives an idea of how many pieces are in just one small section.image

I cannot even imagine the time, patience and creativity it requires to create such a magnificent art work. A truly wonderful piece of work and I’m so pleased I got to see her “in the flesh” :).


2 thoughts on “This is some quilt!

  1. Wow what an incredible quilt. I loved the video and Susan’s bio in her blog. Such an interesting lady! Thanks for sharing this big ol’ crocodile.

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