Putting it all together

Small DP pink and orange

I finished my last two small blocks last night for my Drunkard’s Path quilt and now I face design decisions which is why I haven’t joined the blocks together yet.  It may all change.

As you may recall I started this quilt to practise sewing curves and to use some of the lovely Alison Glass fabric.  I had no specific design in mind when I started and just let the fabrics and colour guide me.


Small DP yellow

Now I have to stop fluffing about and make some decisions!  I have even resorted to drawing a rough sketch which is unusual for me.  I’m thinking of doing a border around these small blocks and will do a test of that tonight. The word “small” is relative in this case as these four blocks end up making a 12″ square and the large blocks make a 24″ square so it will definitely be big and bold.

I have enjoyed making these blocks, but I’m now ready to finish it and to move on to the other five or six projects I want to try!

Winter has finally arrived in Sydney on the last day of Autumn for us – it’s raining and we have had a temperature drop of between 10″ and 15″ after an unseasonably hot April and May.  All the more reason to stay indoors and stitch.

Hope all is well in your world…



8 thoughts on “Putting it all together

    • Thanks Melanie – at the moment I have four sets of them and 5 sets of the big ones so I’m thinking of alternating them with borders around the small ones. Not sure yet!

  1. Thanks Anne I’m trying to unify the design. It’s been difficult with such a large block. I hope to finish piecing the front tonight. I’m thinking a few few polka dots somewhere!

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