Almost there

I finished (?) piecing the top of my Drunkard’s Path quilt on  Saturday.  It has had almost as many twists and turns as the circles within it. It’s rare for me to actually have a specific plan or pattern in mind when  start a quilt and this was no exception.  It started with the Alison Glass fabrics being the inspiration.  The prints are quite large and I thought they might work well with the 12″ Drunkard”s Path template.  I had never pieced circles before and as you’ll know from previous posts it took me a while and quite a bit of unpicking to get it right.

DP Top

The photos were taken under fluro lights which have washed out the colours. I’ll do some decent shots when it is really finished.

The next challenge was to decide on a layout and this took the longest – it has been in various permutations on my design wall for more than 6 months.  On the weekend I decided it was time to finish it, even if I wasn’t completely happy with the result, so finish it I did at 11.30pm on Saturday.

It has certainly been a learning experience, both from a stitching and design experience. I’m about 85% happy with it which is not too bad!  There is one small piece I’d like to change and if I find the fabric I want I may well replace it!

DP BackYesterday was my monthly quilt group meeting  and I managed to piece the back, also using Alison Glass fabrics with a few tonal solids as well.

Now it’s time to hunt for the perfect binding – I’m thinking of adding some stripes for that.  I’m off to Canberra for the annual quilt show there this coming week-end and I hoping I might find some binding fabric there.

My design wall looks very strange being completely empty!  I  have already started on a black and white log cabin top which can now move onto the wall.

It’s sunny here today after almost a week of rain which as brightened up my mood. I’m looking forward to Spring – I’d never survive long and really cold winters.  Hope the weather and all else is well in your world.





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