It’s been a long time!

Time has flown again  – it has become far too easy to do a quick Instagram post rather than taking the time to write a blog post.  However, here’s an update on what’s been happening.

On the stitching front I’ve been doing some garment sewing and enjoying getting back into that again.  So far this year I have made two tunics, a pair of shorts and a pair of linen pants. This is my latest effort – a dress combining a medium weight linen top with a contrast bottom of Anna Maria Horner cotton on the bottom.Processed with MOLDIV

I have even decided to improve my fitting skills and have enrolled in a one-day course in amending commercial patterns to fit your body shape.  I have short arms and a short length between neck and shoulder which always seems to cause problems with sleeves and necklines, so I hope the course will help me remedy that.

More babies keep arriving for my young work colleagues and I quickly made this baby quilt for a new baby girl who has a Portuguese heritage – what better fabric than Porto from Cotton and Steel!

Processed with MOLDIV

Another project was my contribution to a group quilt that our SydModSquad Group is entering into the Sydney Quilt show mid year. We all made a border for a medallion quilt and used a rainbow colour scheme. I used small floral fabric for one size and small polka dots for the other.

Processed with MOLDIV

I’ve also joined a new craft group which meets one night a week in a lovely store/workshop space called The Happen Store.   We are a group of 12 and diverse in terms of age and craft interests.  It’s always a fun night with cake and wine to share and lots of laughter. I’ve mainly been doing some EPP handwork for a Tessellations Quilt by Brigitte Giblin which I hope to finish by the end of the year.IMG_4853

Last but not least, a young fellow cat lover had a birthday last weekend and I whipped up a quick pair of pillowcases for her as a gift.IMG_4939

On the home front I have almost finished a bathroom upgrade which has kept me poor and stressed , but it it almost done and is a vast improvement.

IMG_4823Cosmo and Pepe keep me entertained as always, with lots of fluffy cuddles all round, although it is hard to get up and go to work when this is the view at the end of my bed :).

I hope you are having a good start to the year … til next time.



Some WIP progress

DP blockI’ve finally got back into my Drunkard’s Path quilt after a long hiatus and after I managed to find some more Field Study fabric by Alison Glass.  You may recall that I decided to make the circle part of the quilt entirely from this fabric range, supplemented by bright and bold solid fabric.  The colours are dull in this photo due to bad lightning at night.

I’m now on the home stretch and will be finalizing the design over the week-end. I had no set plan in mind and just wanted the colour to lead the way.


EmbroideryI’ve also been doing some slow stitching on my embroidery piece.  I reserve this for those nights when I’ve had a bad day at work and just need some relaxation on the couch with Pepe and Cosmo close by.  I’m really enjoying re-teaching myself long-forgotten skills from my childhood and feel a new obsession coming on.  One thing I have discovered is that I really like using perle cotton rather than embroidery floss.  It holds a stitch better in my view, plus I just love all the available colours! 🙂

Bright Flower



Sydney is experiencing a very warm autumn – it is halfway through May and it is 25′ today. We had the hottest April on record and it seems that we may also have a new record for May. Many plants and shrubs seem to think it is Spring!


Cosmo and Pepe on tableCosmo and Pepe were enjoying the sun this morning after their usual brush. They were as sleek as seals.

Hope all is right in your world and that colour and creativity is filling your days. Til next time…

Back to the design wall

I’ve started work again on the large Drunkard’s Path blocks.  I’ve played around a bit with design ideas and I’m still not sure of the end design.  I’m using really large blocks, each quarter circle ends up as a 12 block so the end size will probably be a 72″ square quilt.


At this stage I’m just cutting up some of the fabric and playing with layout ideas before I stitch the blocks in case I change my mind!


It will be big and bold, showcasing Alison Glass’s beautiful fabrics, whatever I end up with as the design.

My design assistant Cosmo was taking his job very seriously!



Another gift stitched!

I finished this pillowcase last night for a colleague who is a cat lover, but cannot have one at home as her apartment building has a no pets policy. This way she will at least be able to sleep with some!


The striped fabric is Calypso by Maude Asbury.

The cat fabric is Cat Fancy by Maude Asbury. I just realised that both the fabrics are by the same designer even though I bought them at  completely different times. No wonder they were a good colour match.

The yellow is a Kona solid called Banana.

I hope she has some purrfect catnaps on the pillow! 🙂

A day in the life of Cosmo

Yesterday was a bright sunny Summer’s day here and “the boys” were up early with the sunrise and as a result my day started early too.

One of my first tasks was to change my bedlinen.  Cosmo thinks my bed is just a big playground and he loves nothing more than rolling around on clean sheets.

imageAfter a busy morning it was time for a rest in late afternoon – if humans rest on pillows why can’t I?

imageIn the evening it was time to wrap Christmas gifts and of course Cosmo had to assist with paper and ribbon selection. Pepe was just snoozing most of the day while his brother was having all this fun.


By bedtime he was a very happy cat!

And I was a happy human. 🙂

Hope you are having some fun in this lead up to the holidays.